Vision 2025  …

… is the long-term planning guide for Gower Street United Church for the ten-year period 2016 to 2025.  There are four focus areas plus a commitment to update the Vision, Mission, and Core Values statement, and create a communications strategy.

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Following approval of the strategic plan in 2016, an implementation committee was put in place to start the actual work and to ensure the plan will unfold over the years until 2025.  All Gower committees, church members, and friends of the church, can contribute to Gower as it is today and Gower as it will be tomorrow. 

Early in this process it was suggested that it would be good to get the Gower Tower Clock functional again.  From a simple suggestion to restart the clock, the stately Tower Clock has become the symbol of Vision 2025 in action.

Exterior view of the Tower Clock

The Gower Tower Clock was chosen as a symbol of Vision 2025 because: it acknowledges that time spans the past through to the future; the clock is a distinctive feature of the building in which we worship; it looks out into the downtown community in which we exist and desire to be involved; it is traditional yet functional and practical; there are many warm memories of its role within the Gower community.  The Gower Clock Tower connects the past, the present, and the future.

Focus Area 1:  Gower as People
Gower has decided to be intentional about participation, engagement, and leadership of its people.  It is the people who will ensure that Gower fulfills its role in the life and work of the church.  Keeping up with the times, and staying true to the passage of time, are represented by the Tower Clock.  The clock’s traditional winding mechanism is time-tested and solid.  With a bit of care and attention it will continue to function very well as it carries us forward into the future.

Focus Area 2:  Gower as a Downtown Church
Gower is one of four downtown United Churches, along with several other denominations.  All congregations share similar experiences in transitioning from a historical role and context into today’s modern world of conflicting time demands and changing influences on religion in society.  Vision 2025 recognizes that it is time to address these challenges, and to plan our desired future.
Focus Area 3:  Gower and Sustainability
Restarting the Tower Clock demonstrates the commitment that Gower Street United Church makes to continue and build upon the successful past 200 years as a congregation in St. John’s.  Investments in both the congregation as a faith community, and the building in which we worship, will lay a solid foundation for continued successes in the next decade and beyond.

Focus Area 4:  Gower and Society
Gower is interested in expanding outreach involvement with the local community.  Just as the Tower Clock faces the neighbourhood and keeps up with the times, the congregation desires to be a full societal contributor responding to the needs and interests of our neighbours.  As the clock marks time, the works of the church community demonstrate the church’s commitment to remaining relevant and true to our role in society.
From both within the church and from the streets of the city, the Gower Tower Clock’s steady tick-tock symbolizes our progress as we move through the next decade of our shared faith and service in Christ.

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