Gower 200th Anniversary Fund (Club)

Open to All
It is Gower’s 200th Birthday and we invite you to join the Gower 200 Club by contributing $200.00 – a loonie for each year of Gower’s faith life.  The end result will be a minimum of $40,000. 
We are confident that, at least, 200 of you will want to join the Gower 200 Club.  We also know that some will want to contribute more than $200.00 and we heartily welcome whatever you can give in excess of $200.00.  The question has been raised: Can I contribute less than $200.00?  Of course, you can and it will be accepted with deep gratitude and recognized as part of the Gower 200 Club.  We do request that your contribution be “over and above” what you would normally give to Gower in any year.
Come and join us.  Make your cheque payable to “Gower 200 Fund” and complete the form (click here).  Submit both to Gower Street United Church.
$36,000, (or 90% of monies received) will be directed to the Gower Street United Church Restoration Fund.  In particular, it will help to repair our badly leaking room, the section between the Sanctuary and the Memorial Building.  The buckets catching the water on a rainy day vividly illustrate that this project serves a great need.  $4,000.00 (or 10% of monies received) will be directed to the Mission and Service Fund.  Gower, from its beginning, has been an outreach Church, attending to local and global need and crises.  2015 is the 90th Anniversary of The United Church of Canada and this occasion provides us with the opportunity to say “Yes” to God’s world.
Please note, also, the 200th anniversary events that you have received and, in particular:

  • the “Come Home to Gower” weekend, August 1 – 2, 2015
  • the Gower 200 Banquet on November 14 and
  • the 200th anniversary worship service on Sunday, November 15, 2015.  For the service on November 15th there also will be a special anniversary envelope.
Edsel Bonnell, Chair of the Gower 200th Anniversary Committee, provides an apt purpose for our celebrations in 2015.
But above all, we will honor the Faith of our fathers and mothers, respect and maintain the Spirit of Gower, and welcome the future with Vision.  The Gower congregation was tested by fire which shaped its destiny.  The fire still burns…within us!  Happy Bicentennial, everyone!
Marion Pardy: Chair, Gower 200 Fund Committee.  Members: Margot Evans; Sheridan Parsons; Edward Roberts


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