Gower Remembers

On Sunday, November 16, 2014, Gower Street United Church initiated a program of commemoration that will last for approximately the next four years. On roughly every third Sunday from now through to 2018, a brief write-up on one of these individuals will appear as an insert in the Bulletin and there will be a reference to that person in the service. In this way we hope to recognize their contribution to the war effort, the many sacrifices they made, some with their very lives, and the debt of gratitude we owe to each of them.
We also hope to learn more about them from their descendants or other relatives, thereby fostering a link between our past and our present as we celebrate the 200th anniversary of this congregation. If you know of any relatives of these servicemen and woman please contact Bert Riggs at briggs@mun.ca 726-6169/864-8303.

More detail and a complete list of the men and women that we hope to remember in this way can be found in a downloadable PDF at the following link:


Visit the following links to read about those that we have remembered thus far.

 1 Lt. Col. Dr. Cluny Macpherson

 2 Major Robert Holland Tait

 3 Private John Fielding Chaplin

 4 Lt. Charles Frederick Garland

 5 Lieutenant William Lloyd Woods

 6 Mabel Atwill, VAD

 7 Captain Charles Robert Ayre

 8 Private Arthur Cummings

 9 Sergeant Wilfred James Woolfrey

10 Private Alfred Penny Taylor

11 Major General Charles Philip Fenwick

12 Captain Eric Stanley Ayre

13 2nd Lieutenant Harold Wesley Janes 

14 Private Charles William Field

15 Corporal Harold Lidstone

16 Private George Gordon Green

17 Ruby Edith Ayre, VAD

18 Sergeant Charles Parsons

19 Private Harold Burt

20 Corporal Roy Archibald Smith

21 Private Wilfred C. Bradley

22 Private William Edward LeShana

23 Private Leonard Evans

24 Lance Corporal William Robert Butler and
    Gerturde Emily English

26 Lieutenant-Surgeon Harold Garrett Chaplin

2- Jane Louise Kendall

28 Private Albert Pearcey

32 2nd Lieutenant Gerald Walter Ayre

29 2nd Lieutenant Harold G. Barrett

30 Private Frederick Donald Bastow

32 Lydia Gertrude Pitts Ayre

33 Lieutenant Fred Moore Sellars 

34 Lieutenant Hubert Clinton Herder 

35 Staff Sergeant William Frederick Cyril Hutchings 

36 Lieutenant Robert Palfrey Holloway

3- Major James St. Pierre Knight 

39 Private Edward Cole Peters

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