Recent Events

Downtown Churches committee  lead joint service for Easter week at George Street United Church - March 23, 2016.

Celebration of Ministry with the Rev. Dr. Kate Crawford was held on Sunday, June 13 after 5 years together.  We will bid farewell to Kate as she moves on to First-St Andrew's, in London, Ontario.  Rev. Marion Davis continues on full-time, with assistance from members of the congregation and community.
The United Church turns 85! and we remember, renew and rejoice on Sunday, June 6.  Re-enacting the entrance hymn from 1925 we stream into the sanctuary from our separate denominations, coming together for worship both old and new.  We also celebrate our twinning experience with Smith's Falls Pastoral Charge in Ontario and Carlyle Pastoral Charge in Saskatchewan, both of whom send warm greetings and treasured gifts for the anniversary.

The Eight Track Favorites hosted a wonderfully spirited concert here in the sanctuary as a fundraiser for the Operating Account.  Great music, great toe-tapping musicians and a great space all combined for an evening of fun.  Photos in the Phot Album section

A Day of Celebration on April 25, 2010 we 'partied' during worship as we celebrated these great events:
  Dr. Pardy receives honorary                Barb and Doug representing               Marion has a birthday!
      doctorate from AST                          all volunteers, cut the cake
 Peter and Elizabeth give flowers

Men's Club Keeps the Rain Out  True to their long history of supporting the Gower community through keeping the building in good repair, the Men's Club signs an historic agreement to underwrite the much-needed repairs to the two North Towers.  No more rain running down the walls..... thanks, Men!

              Henry, John and Lester sign agreement                      The first instalment is delivered!

Sunday School in a Knot as part of our initiative, "Striving to be a people of prayer" the Sunday School explored a labrynth, set up on the Gym floor.  Participants had a ball and found their way, as they learned to pray while on their feet.  More photos in Photo Album.

           Kelly explains....                                                     .... Clara listens!

Feasting with Friends  The congregation was pleased to host a Christmas Dinner for our tenants and friends, For the Love of Learning on December 18.  FLOL provides support and programming for resilient youth.  We gathered in the Lecture Hall and shared not only a fine meal, but FLOL returned the favour by presenting their own Mummer's Play - with much hilarity.  Many friendships were forged... and all the dishes got done, too.

Protesting Federal Cuts to Kairos On Nov.30 the Federal government rejected the proposal for funding from KAIROS, an ecumenical social-justice organization which has been in existence over 30 years.  The United Church of Canada is one of many denominations which provide funding to this group, which focuses on human rights, education, citizen empowerment and climate change.   77 people at Gower signed a petition/letter on Dec 13 to the Prime Minister, Minister Bev Oda and Opposition Leaders demanding that the decision on funding be reversed.  As Canadians we fervently desire to be part of a nation working to improve the lives of all people on the globe.
White Gift Sunday  On December 6, our Sunday School presented a pageant about finding their way to Bethlehem... trying many different routes, until they discovered that love was the best way!  We delighted in their worship leadership, and joined them in presenting 'white gifts' in response.  These were later shared with groups in the city who work with the most marginalized:  Naomi House for Young Women, Emmanuel House (Stella Burry Community Services), For the Love of Learning (resilient youth), and Iris Kirby House (for Women).


Gower Takes a "Stand Against Poverty"
  On October 18 we joined the global movement Stand Against Poverty and heard Rev. Kelly Hudson recite the pledge against poverty on our behalf.  One hundred and ninety of us joined over 100 million world-wide in expressing outrage that extreme poverty continues on our planet.


Sunday School Picnic
  We were so happy to get together after our summer break!  We gathered at Pippy Park for a scavenger hunt, various games, some great stories and... of course... chili!  More pictures are in the Photo Album.


Prayer Shawlers Knit in Public
  On June 13 our Prayer Shawl Ministry "took to the streets!"  We joined a world-wide movement called Knit in Public and staged an outdoor knitting event to publicize our ministry.  We met at Bannerman Park and knit for an hour - in the drizzle and cold.  A Telegram photographer took our photos and we made the news the next day.  Thanks to Muggs Tibbo for the mug up, and to Grace Thornhill, Elinor Udell and Kate Crawford who also came to knit.  The rest of our knitters stayed out of the rain - wimps!
    Grace and Kate                                         THe Crazy Gang                               Muggs and the Feast

Resurrection Rock!  The Youth Choir mounts a tremendous extravaganza of music, drama and rock and roll to proclaim the gospel story of Jesus' resurrection.  Their hard work and enthusiasm paid off in a gala performance which was much appreciated by all attending.
Gower Welcomes the Association for New Canadians to a dessert and conversation party!  Lots of fun, lots of great chat - and lots of calories had by all!





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