The Heritage and Archives Committee

We are a committee of the Official Board.

            As our name implies, we are responsible for things having to do with the heritage of the congregation and the building. That includes looking after the records of the church. For a church that’s been around as long as Gower, that means many sheets of paper that must be sorted and filed so they can be found when needed. That may sound like a pretty dull bit of business that might be necessary, but hardly interesting.

            But it can be.

            For those who like mysteries - and who doesn’t? - we’re often asked to hunt through the records for information that someone needs. It might be a Board member who wants to know the original rationale for a policy under review, or a university student who’s doing a paper on an historical person who was active at Gower 50 years ago. Even when an answer can’t be found, the hunt is guaranteed to be interesting - and often reveals intriguing tidbits that we weren’t even looking for.

            And besides, our so-called “archives” is actually more like a mix of archives and museum because we collect more than documents, letters and such things. We also have real things, like old furniture used by Gower years ago. Even clothing, like choir gowns and mortarboards.

            As a Committee, we’re also mandated to keep Gower’s history before the congregation. That means using a variety of ways, including displays, our website, and the Gower Newsletter.

            Why bother? For lots of reason; for us mainly because we believe strongly that as a congregation we have an obligation to keep alive the memories of the scores - perhaps hundreds - of wonderful people who worshipped and worked at Gower over almost two hundred years and left us a magnificent legacy. 

Gar Fizzard, Chair 

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